Hello, At Bagel Box we want to give you a lasting experience. That’s why we have put countless hours into perfecting the perfect bagel that can be filled for your pleasure

Established in 2018, this idea has been formed over many months and with an awful lot of setbacks, the idea finally became a reality.

After deciding at a young age that I wasn’t cut out for the life of a desk job or being bossed around I decided the only option was to own a business. I began to plan how and what I wanted to do, throughout primary and secondary school I loved to eat but it wasn’t until I started catering in year 8 that I discovered I loved to cook and bake even more so. This led me to a catering GCSE and before I knew it I was setting up my life to have a food business.

Of course, I then needed the basic knowledge of how a business worked, which I learnt at college doing both a business and Use of mathematics A-level. By now I had tailored my entire education solely on the aim of wanting to have a food business. It wasn’t until I was eating a bagel for lunch in my kitchen that the idea of homemade-filled bagels sprang to my mind.

October 2023 rolled around and we made the difficult decision to close both our retail and wholesale sides of the business. We now provide masterclasses and courses teaching everyone how to make our exceptional bagels.